AI 4 Fuel Poverty

What is it?

AI for fuel poverty is a cloud-based analytical software, harnessing AI technology, to detect potential and actual fuel poor households in the UK. This software is the result of years and years of studies by researchers at the University of Manchester on the issue of fuel poverty, which resulted in a very unique algorithm.

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Who is it for?

Any potential stakeholder in energy market with obligation to deal with the issue of fuel poverty can benefit from this software. It is potentially suitable for local authorities and energy suppliers with ECO and WHD obligations.

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How does it operate?

Our cloud-based software is linked to housing, energy consumption profile and income databases (all according to GDPR scheme), feeding our algorithm with the required data to detect the at risk households.

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AI4FP Features

All designed based on the market needs.
Feature 1

Intelligent detection of the fuel poor households.

Feature 2

Identification of the risk level to fuel poverty.

Feature 3

Visualised data in the dashboard.

Feature 4

Factor analsysis to the help decision making and policy design

Why to choose AI4FP?

We can help you in a number of ways!
  • ECO & WHD Management

    If you are a supplier, AI4FP helps you to manage your ECO & WHD obligations more efficiently and effectively.

  • Cost Reduction

    AI4FP significantly reduces the cost of traditional methods of identifying fuel poverty, costing suppliers £16million per year.

  • Intelligent Policies

    One size does not fit for all. With AI4FP, intelligent policies can be designed based on each household's circumstances.

  • End Fuel Poverty

    AI4FP accelerate the identification of fuel poor households to deal with it much more quickly.