Have Questions?

We have provided a list of common questions with sufficient answers. If more assistance is required then please don't hesitate to contact us.


How big should consumption or generation be to join the P2P exchange?

We accept all sizes of consumption and generation in our main P2P market. If you need a private P2P market, please contact us.

Do you accept non-half-hourly meters?

The P2P exchange works with half-hourly meters (either advanced meters or smart meters). If you have a non-half-hourly meter, we will replace your meter with a half-hourly meter prior to joining the P2P exchange.

Are you accepting domestic and non-domestic consumers?

At the moment, we mainly accept commercial and industrial demand customers. We accept domestic users if they are part of an association such as housing associations or one of our local energy markets.

When does a generator register a site?

We contract with generators at all times and register based on the start date of the contract.

Who registers the meter of the customer?

The import meters are registered with our supplier partners, and the export meters are registered with our trading partners.

Where does the credit risk lie?

The credit risk lies between the contracting parties (Generators & Demand Customers) as it would in a corporate PPA scenario.

What happens if the customer does not pay?

The generators are able to do thorough credit checks before matching with any customers on our system. In case of non-payment, UrbanChain and Supplier/Trading Partners will seek the non-payment. For further details regarding the security layers of non-payment, please contact us.

What happens if the generators do not produce contracted generation?

Any planned outage must be noticed in advance as it would create an imbalance in the exchange with demand customers. Non-generation due to the weather will be detected by our system and not expose any party to imbalance cost. For further details, please contact us.

Who reports the License exempt volume? How does it work?

We and our Supplier Partners will report the exempt volume. We will be reporting to Elexon and Ofgem on regular basis through submitting the required data.

Who bills the customer?

Our system bills demand customers and provide invoices for generators automatically by the end of each month. Daily billing and invoicing will be available via your dashboards.

What relationship does the licensed supplier have with you?

The P2P exchange must happen under supplier license in order to be integrated with the regulatory system and frameworks. Licensed Supplier partners provide this service for the P2P exchange.

Where does the account management liability lie?

It depends on your circumstances. It can be your energy consultant, our licensed supplier partners, or us.

Who is the first point of contact for the customer?

The first point of contact for you will be your account manager.

Who is responsible for balancing the P2P market?

We handle the profiling and balancing of the P2P exchange.

Is there an exit clause/ termination fee?

If we do not deliver according to the signed T&Cs, you will be able to exit the contract in 30 days advance notice. For further details, please contact us.