Our Solution will blow your mind

An honest and secure green energy exchange, offering shaped and tailored green energy volumes to credible off-takers.

Renewable Generators

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are at great risk of collapse in the current energy market.

UrbanChain offers you solutions not only to safeguard your revenue but to also make more than ever.

We put your power into our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and offer shaped volumes to credible off-takers.

Or trade your power to the market while you are not matched with off-takers.

We offer you the most reliable, honest and secured routes to higher income. So, let us help you get in shape and create a healthier and safer revenue stream.

Your Increased Margins

Once registered you become an active trading player with a half-hourly export meter(s).

We enable you to directly sell energy to corporate consumers.

Meaning your PPAs are no longer at risk; As price hikes and the number of failed suppliers in a broken cycle energy market continues to grow.

We can serve you better than the big suppliers we do directly the opposite.

We care about your requirements; your generation profile; We unleash the real value of your 100% green energy; And enable you to deal directly with different corporate consumers.

Viable Unsubsidised Renewable.

Corporate Consumers

In the current world of energy supply each and every penny matters. UrbanChain offers you a solution not only to reduce your origination cost but also to optimises your non-commodity charges.

This means you save on your origination cost to deliver safety and stability to your clients.

Because you have a reliable, honest and secured source of Green Energy with tailored and shaped volumes to match your consumption profile.

Your Energy Bills Reduced

Choose the generator of your choice; Automatically switch to the best offer; Monitor and control your renewable energy consumption; And get billed on a daily basis.

Don’t remain in a broken cycle energy market that has failed. Don’t be out of contract and out of pocket.

Save up to 50% on your energy bills; Because we cut out the middleman.

Our system chooses the best tariff based on; A consumer’s behaviour; Location of generators; As well as your preference of energy source and price at the time of the switch.

We enable you to transact and avoid any greenwashing and help you achieve your NetZero targets.

Affordable Real Green Energy.

What Else?

Shaped is; Matching consumption patterns with the same generation profile to minimise the imbalance charges.

Tailored is; Matching intro DNO and arranging P2P exchange to optimise the non-commodity costs.

Off-takers are; Energy suppliers, corporate consumers.


Take a look at the dashboard screenshots to have a better idea of the system.

A digital bill is produced in your account.

Users can explore the current electricity analytics.

Explore a wide range of features with one account.

Accessible to any device.

What People Say About Us

Read some of the testimonials from our amazing sponsors.

BDO Drive

  • UrbanChain’s model empowers people. By giving back the benefits of renewable microgeneration, the community can directly access the economic benefits.
  • By Mark Sykes

GBEA 2019

  • This is a true disruptor! Tenacious and analytical, UrbanChain is an innovator living outside the box and is guided by their entrepreneurial imagination.
  • By Judging Panel

Innovate UK

  • There is no direct competitor to UrbanChain's products. UrbanChain has managed the technical excellence necessary with commercial insight early.
  • By Anonymise Reviewer