Are you NOT happy with your energy bill? Our range of tariff is between 10p/kWh and 12p/kWh (excl. CCL and VAT). We have a solution to save significantly on energy bills, up to 50% LESS!

I want to buy energy.

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Are you NOT happy with your export tariff or PPA? With our innovative business model, we offer 10%-20% MORE margin compare to the current market rates.

I want to sell energy.

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Are you a local authority or manage large sites? We create local energy markets to make energy AFFORDABLE and renewable energy VIABLE without subsidies!

I am interested in Local Energy Market.

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Welcome to UrbanChain

the leading global blockchain infrastructure-based P2P exchange for renewable generators and consumers

We have developed an innovative energy exchange system, harnessing the power of blockchain, AI and IoT, in order to create local energy markets. Our solution offers significant savings in energy bills for consumers, brings renewable energy generators of all size to the mainstream market, and enables large consumers to meet their net zero carbon emission target. We have regulated our innovation with Ofgem, Innovation Link, and are rolling out to the UK energy market in the first instance.

Meet the team

We are innovative professionals.


Independent Chairman, Ex-executive at NextEnergy Capital, CEO of WiseEnergy, MD of NextEnergy Solar Fund and, currently, Trustee at NextEnergy Foundation.

Mr Abid Kazim



PhD in Planning & Data Science, expert in blockchain, data science, spatial analysis for urban infrastructure networks and urban resilience.

Dr Somayeh Taheri



Founder at Upside Energy. An innovative systems engineer with 35 years experience working with well-known organisations to develop high tech products.

Dr Graham Oakes



Blockchain Leader in Europe at IBM. Collaborating with UrbanChain on scaling its blockchain solution at the national and multi-national scales.

Mr Andrew Darley



PhD in Innovation & Management, expert in commercialisation of disruptive technologies in complex networks, sales and strategic marketing.

Dr Mo Hajhashem



PhD in Computer Science, expert in blockchain, information security, cyber security, cryptography, Hyperledger, software development.

Dr Ayesha Naureen



Final-year PhD researcher in Machine Learning & Optimisation, expert in stochastic and deep learning methods, and data managment.

Mr Mike Vamvakaris

AI Engineer


5+ years experience in pricing development for various premises, developing new products, risk management, and supporting innovation with LEAN process.

Mr Basim Thayyil

Trading Manager


PhD student in Computer Science, focusing on the development of machine learning systems, data management, and automation of various processes.

Mr Azhan Rashid

AI Engineer

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We are seeking an experienced System Architect to handle the end to end management and delivery of our solution. The position requires staying on top of industry trends and new technologies.


System Architect
2,500,000 Fuel Poor Households
884,000,000 Fuel Poverty Gap (£)
917,000,000 Debt Arrears (£)
43,900 Winter Excess Death

UrbanChain as Part of Energy Transition

We are leading the market in creating transparency and transformation of the value chain.
Liberalised Market
Liberalised Energy Market
  • decentralised energy generation
  • intelligent energy system development for local energy markets
  • Flexibility Market
    Local Flexibility Market
  • any market player can trade flexibility
  • focus on matching consumption and generation behaviour
  • System Flexibility
    System Oriented Flexibility
  • contribution to balancing mechanism independent of location
  • avoid local network or microgrid bottleneck
  • Price Equilibrium
    Energy Price Equilibrium
  • market balances up to consumer volumes
  • consumer sets or takes the price based on the preferences
  • Our Awards

    Our multi awards show the impacts of our innovations and work.