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Welcome to UrbanChain

We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.

Urbanchain has developed a world-leading and innovative platform, thanks to blockchain technology and AI, which directly links energy consumers (i.e. householders and small businesses) to energy generators in the wholesale market, and facilitate switching to the best deal in almost real time. We offer significant savings in energy bills for consumers, a level and competitive market for electricity from renewables, and help in making agile and transparent enforcement cases for regulators.

Meet the team

We are innovative professionals.


PhD in Planning & Data Science, 20+ experience, expert in blockchain, data science, spatial analysis for urban infrastructure networks and urban resilience.

Dr Somayeh Taheri

CEO & Chairman


PhD in Innovation & Management, serial enterpreneur, expert in commercialisation of disruptive technologies in complex networks, sales and strategic marketing.

Dr Mohammad Hajhashem



PhD in Computer Science, 20+ experience, expert in blockchain, information security, cyber security, cryptography, Hyperledger, software development.

Dr Ayesha Naureen


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We are always looking for passionate technical, sales and marketing individuals with experience in energy market, blockchain and data science.


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2,500,000 Fuel Poor Households
884,000,000 Fuel Poverty Gap (£)
917,000,000 Debt Arrears (£)
43,900 Winter Excess Death

Our Innovation

We aim to disrupt the energy market for the benefit of consumers
eChain User Interface
Blockchain 4 Energy Market

eChain is Blockchain based platform through which generators and end-users would be able to directly get connected. This makes a two sided platform to connect both sides together and reduce unnecessary shared and search costs.

AI 4 Fuel Poverty

AI for fuel poverty (AI4FP) is a cloud based analytical software harnessing AI technology to detect potential and actual fuel poor households in the UK. It is a unique algorithm to automatically detect fuel poor households.

AI4FP prediction
The intelligent identification of at-risk households to fuel poverty is key to target fuel-poor households more effectively and efficiently and support policymakers in designing intelligent policies accordingly.
AI 4 Fuel Poverty
Mission Statement 1
eChain directly links energy consumers to generators, facilitates switching to the best deal in real time, and eliminates the middlemen to reduce energy bills for all users from micro to macro users.
eChain Platform
Mission Statement 2:1
eChain brings renewable energies into the mainstream market to accelerates the take-up rate of small-scale generators. The higher the take-up rate, the lower the greenhouse gases will emissions will be.
eChain Platform
Mission Statement 2:2

Our Awards

Our multi awards show the impacts of our innovations and work.