Our Innovation

Advanced technologies for end users.

Some of our innovative products

We have been developing three core products to create energy systems of the future.
eChain: blockchain/AI-based energy exchange


Blockchain/AI-based energy exchange

eChain is a Blockchain/AI-based energy exchange through which generators and end-users would be able to directly get connected. This makes a multi-sided platform to connect both sides together and reduce unnecessary shared and search costs.

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AI 4 Fuel Poverty


AI 4 Fuel Poverty

AI for fuel poverty (AI4FP) is a cloud based analytical software harnessing AI technology to detect potential and actual fuel poor households in the UK. It is a unique algorithm to automatically detect fuel poor households.

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v-powerChain: blockchain/AI-based virtual power plant


blockchain/AI-based virtual power plant

v-powerChain is a blockchain/AI-based VPP system to bring micro- to small-scale renewable energy generators to the mainstream market. It is an advanced decentralised system and create a real-time flexible energy markets.

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