Let's make you viable without subsidies!

Min. 20% more margin

We can buy your energy for min. 20% more than your current rate with our innovative PPA. We are keen to talk to different renewable energy generators of all size.

100% transparent

In our system, your energy is directly sold to the nearest consumers to you (peer-to-peer trading). Energy exchanges happen in full transparency at the local level.


Our system has 95% accuracy in the prediction of supply and demand. Our system mitigates the risk of imbalance costs and give you full control.

Are you interested?

Here are the steps to join us.


Express your interest here, and fill the fields as much as you can. One of us will get back to you shortly to explain how things work and the next steps.



We will ask for a letter of authority to search your meter, supply and half-hourly energy generation data in order to give you three different PPA offers.



Confirm with us which rate and type of PPA you want. We will send you the relevant document for final consideration to sign. You are in upon the final agreement.

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eChain Fixed
For those who prefer a single fixed price

Our eChain Fixed scheme is similar to the conventional PPAs. We offer you a single price per unit at all time. This scheme is suitable for the generators who want certainty of income over the length of their PPA. In this scheme, our rate is normally 20%+ more than your current rate.

eChain Flex
For those who want a higher market price

We offer you a collar of the price with the eChain Flex scheme. We monitor the wholesale market and pay you accordingly. If the price of energy in the market is between the collar price, we will pay you the exact amount. If it is less, we will top it up to the lowest value of the collar. eChain Flex is similar to a federated PPA.

Features Image
Features Image
eChain Direct
For those who want to directly trade at eChain

With this scheme, you are free to directly trade energy on half-hourly basis. We will provide you with all intelligent tools to get the most out of your trade. For instance, we will communicate the types of energy consumption behaviours and our prediction to you in order to maximise the chance of being matched with the consumers.