Are you ready for a big saving?

up to 50% Saving

We always can save 15% of energy bills, and depending on your circumstances, we can save up to 50% of your energy bill.

Carbon Neutrality

Our supply comes from renewable energy generators helping you to meet your carbon ambitions.

100% Transparent

Our service gives you transparency, empowers your communities and future proofs supply against anticipated charges.

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Express your interest here, and fill the fields as much as you can. One of us will get back to you shortly to explain how things work and the next steps.



We will issue a retrospective virtual bill for the latest month based on your meter type and half-hourly consumption. Compare your virtual bill with your actual one.



Confirm with us that you want to switch. We will take it from there. You will have a visualised dashboard to track your consumption and spending.

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100% Privacy
We care about your privacy as much as you are

Our system works with smart meter or half-hourly meters. The data from your smart meter is not held in our system. It comes to a black box to automatically switch you to the cheapest generator, and bounces back. You own your own data all the time and we donot have access to the data you see in your dashboard. We only use anonymised data from the system.

100% Security
Security of data is inherited in our system

We have designed our system in a way that all data are locked into the blockchain system. Your data cannot be tampered without your consent. You also have a full control of data sharing to the third parties. We host our system on IBM Cloud to be able to feed your data into the system. IBM does not have access to your data.

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