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affordable energy bills and viable unsubsidised renewable

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what is local energy market (LEM)?

where renewable energy suppliers and consumers to trade electricity at the distribution level

Local energy markets will allow consumers to purchase electricity from the least costly sources locally, and allow suppliers to compete in selling electricity directly to consumers (instead of dealing with the utility companies). In such a local energy market, renewable energy suppliers have market power and can strategically decide their selling prices. Consumers have the flexibility to choose renewable energy suppliers by comparing prices.

stakeholders at LEM

two active players and unlimited passive users

Consumer is an active trading player with a half-hourly import meter(s), which directly buy energy from generators.


Generator is an active trading player with
a half-hourly export meter(s), which
directly sell energy to consumers.

controlling agents

Controlling agents are passive users of the market, setting up regulatory, network and administration prices.

Benefits of LEM

The benefits of local power generation, storage and demand response all cooperate together and peer-to-peer model enables the participation of all participants of the market. It uses advanced technologies and ICT for sustainable and efficiently transfer of electricity to the consumers. It integrates the distributed generation, microgrid, and smart grid into one electricity market at distribution side.

Affordable energy bill

Up to 50% saving on energy bills

Upon the registration of the consumer, the half-hourly meter will be linked the system. The consumer will then be able to monitor her/his energy consumption, automatically switched to the best offer, and billed on daily basis. The system chooses the best tariff based on the consumer's behaviour, location of generators, and the consumer's preferences regarding the energy source and energy price at the time of switch.

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Viable unsubsidised renewable

Min. 20% more margin per kWh

We have designed two markets for renewable generators: primary and secondary markets. In the primary market, generators benefit from the 20% more margin than the average current PPA offers. In the secondary market, generators are enabled to sell energy for twice the unit price of the primary market. The portfolio of consumers in each local energy market will define what percentage fof the energy should be sold in the secondary market.

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